Is Google buying Dropcam and its connected cameras to better monitor you?

This week, Google may monopolize the news. And rightfully so, the famous annual Google i/o conference will be held in San Francisco on June 25 and 26. While the American giant was waiting for this, it took another step towards home automation and connected homes. Google buys DropcamCamera manufacturer linked to $550 million.

A few months ago, Google acquired Nest for a “modest” sum of $3.2 billion. As a reminder, Nest specializes in internet-connected smart thermostats and smoke detectors. Dropcam is offered here as confirmed by the companies on their blog. Nest will therefore expand its offering because the connected cameras will be added to the thermostats and smoke detectors.

Thanks to the acquisition of Dropcam by Nest, Google can track us even more!

Dropcam makes cameras that connect over WiFi and allows the user to monitor his home remotely, thanks to the streaming retransmission of images from his terminal. You’ll see, even if the takeover is officially made by Nest, Google will benefit from the tab. For Mountain View, the interest of this transaction is twofold.

Before everything, Google is already establishing itself as a major player The connected home market, a market that should reach $10 billion worldwide by 2014. What will happen to the collected data is yet to be seen. According to Nest, Dropcam will not share this information without the user’s prior consent. It will be up to him to be vigilant and not share them in spite of himself.

note this videos can be stored in the cloud It can even be shared with relatives. In an other saying, A new way to make money for Google as cloud data storage is charged. Nest also clarifies that the ad will not feature its own products or Dropcam products. The future will show us whether this commitment will be respected. Google is not against the idea of ​​putting ads everywhere.

Feel free to share your impressions with us in the comments. What do you think about this transaction? Is this a new way for Google to track us? Are you “afraid” of Google?

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