IFA 2015: Samsung Gear S2, European prices announced

Yesterday, at IFA 2015, Samsung officially lifted the curtain on its latest connected watch. Samsung Gear S2was announced two days ago in a press release. It is an event that gave us many nice surprises, especially about the compatibility of the watch, but Samsung did not reveal the price. But the information appeared a little later by Samsung Finland.

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As Sammy Hub reported today, the Samsung Gear S2 349 euro price in the standard version and 399 Euros for the “Classic” model. Without reaching the heights of the Apple Watch, it’s far from cheap. On the other hand, we are staying within the competitive average price.

The Huawei Watch will be available in its cheapest version, priced at 399 Euros. As for the new Moto 360, it will be slightly cheaper since it was announced at 299 Euros in its base version, but will later go up to 499 Euros in its most expensive version.

Believing that the Apple Watch will be enough to push the prices of the competition up, although we’ve always been used to the high prices when it comes to Samsung. Launched two years ago, the Galaxy Gear came with a price of 299 euros. As for the first generation Gear S, which was released last year, it was more expensive at 399 euros, as it offered 3G in its basic version.

At the moment, prices have only been confirmed by the company’s Finnish branch, not Samsung France, but given the high-end positioning of the product, we imagine it will be the same across Europe. .


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