Ideal connected watch at 5 points

2014 is undoubtedly the year of connected objects. They bloom everywhere, bracelets, glasses and, of course, watches. And it is the latter that interests us particularly. They fill the market with leather or plastic straps, sometimes round, sometimes square.

The challenge of the connected watch is to manage to connect the elegance of a jewel to the latest technology. Frankly, everything is a matter of taste in terms of jewellery, tastes and colors are indisputable. However, we invite you to explore the 5 criteria of the ideal connected watch in our opinion.

Neat design and noble materials

Some manufacturers understood this, the connected watch needs to have a neat design and noble materials. Of course, athletes will look for something solid with plastic bracelets. Still, a watch is a jewel, and a jewel must have noble materials.

smart watches-design materials

Whether it’s a leather or metal bracelet, elegance is essential, then it’s a matter of taste. The watch is first and foremost a jewel. The Moto 360, for example, showcases a neat design and quality materials. Again, it is a matter of taste for the dial, some prefer round and some square, the main thing is that it is made of quality materials.

Prefer Mirasol Screen

Many smart watches have an LCD screen. Although other display technologies perform very well, they correspond to more clock usage. Since the purpose of a smartwatch is to support the smartphone as much as possible, the user is allowed to watch it very often and under all circumstances.


And LCD screen brightness isn’t necessarily the best technology in more extreme light conditions (direct sunlight, night, etc.). Mirasol technology or equivalent often proves to be more effective under these conditions. does not take into account LCD screens are very energy intensive.

simple interface

The most common mistake is to think that the smartwatch is a product that replaces the smartphone. However, it is a complementary product. And Google seems to understand this, as Android Wear is pretty easy to use.


The watch perfectly complements the smartphone, but does not replace it. With smartphone screens getting bigger and bigger for optimal reading comfort, who wants to look at their Facebook feed on a screen as small as an hour?

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wireless charging

If there is one area where manufacturers have yet to find a truly effective solution, it is the autonomy of connected watches. And it’s a shame since it’s a product we wear, not carry like a smartphone. Like this, wireless charging has proven to be an optimal solution To solve this problem. No need to remove the watch to charge, no need to worry about battery life


And although removing it from your wrist every night is not so restrictive, most people take off their watch to sleep, this wireless charging system will make it possible not to worry about the state of the battery, restrict its use. For now, Motorola offers a more stylish charging dock than a cable attached to the watch.

activity sensors

It may seem accidental to some, but to many it is essential. Many people are increasingly concerned about their health, and many bracelets equipped with heart rate, blood pressure, pedometer and other activity sensors are enjoying some success. Equipping linked watches with such a sensor will make it possible to offer a product that is not lacking.


These 5 points are the assets of the ideal connected clock in our opinion. Clearly, this list deals with very subjective points like design or display.Depends on each one’s taste. And what criteria do you think are essential to make a smartwatch the ideal product?

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