Huawei launches TalkBand B3 to accompany P9

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Talkband is a somewhat special device. It is a mix between the connected bracelet because it contains all the usual information i.e. step count, calories burned, sleep cycle etc. It allows you to collect But it also acts as a headset. Like B2, intelligent sensing system when placed on user’s ear will forward calls from the smartphone to TalkBand.

The B3 is a visual upgrade as well as a hardware upgrade over the TalkBand B2. This bracelet can display time and notifications. PMOLED display with resolution 80×128 pixels. This screen will also display notifications in black and white. battery 91mAh, Huawei claims it can last 3-4 days or 6 hours of talk time. The device also has protection IP57 for dust and water.

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