HTC Vive: a companion to manage calls and messages even in the virtual world

Virtual reality is upon us, the sky will literally fall on our heads! At least virtually, of course… In any case, virtual reality headsets this year it will fight to conquer our living room and of course our portfolio.

Three solutions are already prominent in this area: PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the last of which has the most expensive real price. But this, of course, is compensated by its technical quality, which is the only quality that allows an entire room to be defined as a playground thanks to the sensors.

This of course requires some pretty substantial setup upfront, and in this area, the HTC Vive requires an assembly worthy of an Ikea piece of furniture. However, once done, you will have access to one of the best catalogs of games thanks to the partnership with Valve and Steam VR.

But the Taiwanese manufacturer behind the headset is HTC, but still phonesit didn’t just think about games and now releases a service we didn’t even know we needed… Before it was available.

Vive Phone Companion, as it’s called, ensures you don’t lose north in your virtual worlds by viewing directly. your calls, texts and calendar events when you dive into this lonely void.

Well-designed, it allows you to make calls directly from the headset and also reply to your text messages with pre-recorded text messages or call back the sender directly. You will find the application Free Here on the Play Store:

Google Play

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