How Do Thieves Easily Disable Your Security System?

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When we go on vacation, there is always a fear in the back of our minds that we will come back and find that thing. his house was entered. Some people will tell themselves that the chances of this happening are very small and avoid worrying. Others want to part with peace of mind and invest in a surveillance system of interconnected cameras. Wireless most of the time. Like this, alerts sent directly to smartphone in case of suspicious events, or even to a security agency assigned for this situation.

Unfortunately, no system is perfect and burglars have quickly adapted to find a way into homes that are monitored in this way. As Los Angeles law enforcement has found, there’s no need to resort to movie-worthy hacker techniques to bypass cameras and other connected alarms. All you have to do is take a small device easily accessible on the internet and activate it: wifi jammer.

Thieves use simple tool to disable your security system

A Wi-Fi jammer, as the name suggests, sends out a signal. the signal is inaudible to usbut who disrupts the operation of our wirelessly connected devices by overloading the network. Conclusion: surveillance system (among others) no longer accesses the Internet and is therefore no longer useful. Criminals can then break in and steal your belongings without the risk of being spotted by a camera or triggering an alarm. A simple truth in France It is forbidden to have a Wi-Fi boiler. The penalty can go up to: 30,000 euro fine And 6 months imprisonment. But it’s easy to buy them online.

The first thing you need to do to protect yourself from these devices is connect your wired security system Later to be sure image storage is done locally and not in the cloud. Next, you need to resort to the good old methods: notify a minimum number of people about your departure, except for your neighbors, so that they can look from time to time, block access to the electrical circuit breaker, blocking it by installing sliding doors. a bar on the lower rails… You better not skimp, you can never be too careful.

Source : los angeles times

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