Google will make it possible to control your smartphone with a hoodie

“Textiles have the potential to help technology adapt to our everyday environments and objects by improving aesthetics, comfort and ergonomics” He explains Google in a blog post. With this in mind, Google’s research teams connected cables Designed to be placed inside a hoodie.

Google has developed a smart hoodie

This e-textile or smart textile prototype can transmit user commands to a nearby smartphone, headset or computer. can recognize up to the cord 6 different types of commandssuch as touching, brushing, pinching or squeezing. This textile can also take into account the speed and direction of the user’s movements.

The cable therefore makes it possible to control a smartphone or a connected object with great precision. The icing on the cake is even endowed with a shiny fiber. Depending on the user’s commands, the cable will emit hidden lights. For the drawstring of the hoodie to work 8 sensors touching textile.

“We developed different prototypes to demonstrate the capabilities of our e-textile architecture” Explain Google. Specifically, the researchers developed wired headphones that connect with a smart cable and a charging cable to control a Google Home without using voice. Not surprisingly, Google mainly highlights: “Drawstring hoodie that can control music from smartphone”.

For now, the project is still under development. This isn’t the first time Google has taken a close interest in connected textiles. In 2015, Google introduced tactile tactile jeans in partnership with Levis. Two years later, the company created a surprise by marketing the linked Project Jacquard jacket. So far, connected clothing has yet to win over the general public. Will the drawstring hood change the rules of the game? We welcome your feedback in the comments. Why will Google look more and more like Apple?

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