Google Home Mini: A bug is pushing the speaker to spy on its users!

As you know, all connected speakers on the market constantly listen to a voice command from the owner. Google Home is the famous “Ok, Google” for Google Home Max and Google Home Mini. The Google Assistant in the box is ready to obey and satisfy you as soon as it hears this phrase. As we’ve seen in the past, Google Home can be activated accidentally. For the Google Home Mini, the situation is different: A bug causes the speaker to record ambient noise completely randomly.

Google Home Mini: Speaker records everything you say

This operating issue was noticed by Artem Russakovskii from AndroidPolice. He was one of the first elected officials to experience the Google Home Mini in his daily life. Adam noted that from the early days, the speaker was regularly activated for no apparent reason, much more often than Google Home or Amazon Echo. Impressed by his anomalies, Artem decided to spy on his connected speaker. As frightened, the Google Home Mini turns on for no reason and starts recording surrounding sounds.

As you will notice in the video below, the Google Home Mini comes into play, the indicator lights flash and it begins to listen carefully to all ambient sounds. As stated in the speaker’s settings, all of its recordings are stored online by Google unless you allow it, which can compromise your device’s responsiveness. All speakers do indeed store logs of user commands to improve voice recognition.

Artem quickly contacted Google. The firm noticed the obvious: this Google Home Mini malfunction of the touch sensor this causes it to wake up to spy on you without you realizing it. Faced with this issue, Google disabled the touch function on the top of the speaker, as we explained in the full test of the Google Home Mini. It’s a radical decision, but obviously necessary.

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