Google Home: How to connect a bluetooth speaker without Chromecast?

Until recently, to connect a Google Home to a Bluetooth or wired speaker, you had to purchase an audio Chromecast that lets you stream content over Wi-Fi. “Any of your Google Home devices can be connected to other speakers via Bluetooth, so you can control your music with your voice” He explains Google on his official blog.

Google Home: How to stream music to a bluetooth speaker without Chromecast?

For now, only the speaker built into your Google Home can hear and understand your requests: so don’t go to your bluetooth speaker to set an alarm clock or timer. always responds via the built-in speakers in your Google Home. Shame.

Connecting your Google Home or Google Home Mini to a Bluetooth speaker is very simple. The following maneuver works equally well (with a few variations) on your iOS or Android device.

  • Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and in “adaptation” mode and no other device such as your smartphone is currently connected to it. (refer to your bluetooth speaker’s user manual to activate the device)
  • find in Google Home app
  • Go to the scroll menu on the right
  • click the icon “Devices” (Above Account Preferences)
google home
  • Go to the “…” section of your Google Home, then “Settings” later on “Default speaker for music”
  • Inside “Pair your Bluetooth speaker”check the speaker you want to connect (if your Google Home is not repeating, try rebooting)
  • Confirm by clicking OK (you should hear a confirmation beep)
  • Your speaker is now a Associated bluetooth devices
  • After a period of inactivity, your speaker may switch to standby mode and disconnect automatically (it all depends on your speaker model)
google home

Google explains that several Bluetooth speakers can be connected at the same time. Use your Google Home as usual to listen to music and for example, “Put an 80s playlist on Spotify”. If you want to learn more about the connected speaker, explore our complete Google Home test. Also take a look at 5 things you can try with Google Home.

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