Galaxy Watch 7: Samsung’s next watch could be similar to the Apple Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic and Watch 6

Samsung became a pioneer in the smartwatch market by launching one of its first models, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, in 2013. The Galaxy Gear featured a square-shaped 1.6-inch Super AMOLED display, which was common among smartwatches at the time. But, Samsung changed its design strategy in 2015When it launched the Gear S2, its first smartwatch with a circular design and rotating bezel.

The circular design has been well received by customers and reviewers alike for its value to the smartwatch. more elegant appearance and closer to classic watches. Samsung continued to use the circular design in the Galaxy Watch series, which has reached its sixth generation. However, it seems that Samsung is not happy with the current situation and plans to return to the square design in its future smart watches.

However, switching to a more angular design also Make Galaxy Watches look like Apple’s Apple WatchesSo we hope Samsung will find a way to stand out in this space. It is also not yet known whether the two modules will still be available.Because we don’t know how Samsung will justify the return of the Galaxy Watch Classic without its rotating bezel.

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