Galaxy Watch 7: Samsung confirms a new, higher-end watch is coming

Galaxy Watch 7 certifications

The Galaxy Watch rumor has been in full swing in recent weeks; Leaks and reports indicate that there will be three models for Samsung’s next-generation wearable product line, up from two in previous years. The company itself has Here’s some important information that confirms that a high-end “premium” version is indeed part of their plans.

There is a line in the 2024 first quarter results published this week: “ MX business will try to meet upgrade demand by launching new high-end models for smartwatches “.

What do we know about this new high-end Galaxy Watch 7?

While the details are vague, this clearly indicates Samsung’s intention to launch a new model, possibly the much-rumored Galaxy Watch 7 Pro. This Premium model will likely feature upgraded hardware and materials aimed at enthusiasts and watch enthusiasts who are willing to pay the premium price. Reports have also suggested that this Galaxy Watch 7 Pro could be a real endurance beast. Some rumors point to a massive battery of almost 600 mAh.

Other reports also indicate that a more affordable Galaxy Watch 7 “FE” or Fan Edition will arrive to complement the standard and Pro tiers. Max Jambor at X has already announced this It can be called Galaxy Watch 4 2024 as it has many things in common with this model.

In addition to hardware, Samsung’s earnings report also mentioned other potential software developments, such as “Galaxy AI” improvements and integration with its “Galaxy Ring” wearable device, which is also expected to launch this summer. Therefore, the next-generation update of the Galaxy Watch may be accompanied by new artificial intelligence and health monitoring functions. See you next July 10 at the Unpacked conference to learn all about them.

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