Galaxy Ring will help you eat better, no more junk food

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In the prestigious framework of the past MWC 2024, Samsung chose to lift the curtain on the Galaxy Ring. This connected ring It fueled rumors for a long timebecame the center of attention and attracted our attention Without revealing all your secrets. It gave us an overview of its design and capabilities without going into technical details.

The Galaxy Ring’s battery life reveal was a pleasant surprise; up to 9 days According to Samsung. This extraordinary durability shows that: use without restrictions, even for the most demanding users. Moreover, latest tips make a suggestion nice feature It can revolutionize our eating habits: it can help us. Managing our diet.

Galaxy Ring: Samsung’s connected ring could take care of your power supply

Behind the modern jewelery look, Samsung’s Galaxy Ring hides numerous sensors and features focused health monitoring. It can track movements, heart rate, and even body temperature. These features position it as a practical tool for those looking for it. understand each other better. This ring promises to provide detailed analysis about sleep, physical activity and even sleep by syncing with the Samsung Health app vitality scorethus providing an overview of the user’s health status.

The Galaxy Ring’s most intriguing aspect may lie in its ability to integrate into Samsung’s connected ecosystem, especially with the brand’s new AI refrigerator. According to the information in the South Korean press, this ring data collected in real time to suggest suitable food recommendationsbased on caloric activity And user’s BMI. This integration promises the creation of:personalized meal planwhere the ring can be used with the Samsung Food app suggest recipes and you can even deliver them directly to the Korean giant’s connected refrigerator and oven.

Source : ChosunWe

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