Galaxy Ring: We know its autonomy and it’s a nice surprise

galaxy ring mwc

Since the officialization of Galaxy Ring,Samsung smart ringThe producer is careful not to say too much. Information is flowing in and we had to wait for the device’s presentation at MWC 2024 to find out a little more. Regarding its design, we know this: 9 sizes will be available at launchYou can choose from 5 to 13 3 colors : black, silver and gold. As expected, Galaxy Ring is resolutely focused on monitoring user health.

Various sensors included sleep data depending on our heart rate and our breath For example. They can do it too calculate menstrual cycle And predicting fertile periods. The ring will be wornSamsung Health app You will need to apply to view the information. So how long will the Galaxy Ring be able to do all this without going through the box? battery charge ?

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring will last a long time before needing to recharge

teams Financial News I got the answer from Hon Pak, head of the digital health team at Samsung Electronics MX division. Galaxy Ring’s battery life is between 5 and 9 days. Such durability is possible by: absence of screen and more generally any screen. Let’s not forget that the larger the size chosen for the ring, battery will be more efficient. Therefore, big fingers have an advantage at this level.

For comparison, Oura Ring 3latest iteration has theoretical autonomy 4 days on a single charge. Galaxy Ring will therefore perform better than even the most pessimistic forecast. Of course, we’ll have to see how the numbers validate in use. Samsung’s smart ring does not have a price or a specific release date yet, but it is thought to arrive in the summer of 2024.

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