Galaxy Ring: Samsung’s connected ring revealed at MWC 2024, we’re impressed

After several months of repeated rumors, Samsung has finally lifted the curtain around the Galaxy Ring. Almost. During MWC 2024, the Korean manufacturer simply showed off its connected ring under a bell, without going into details of its functions and specifications. Moyens I/O managed to take a look at this little curiosity.

galaxy ring mwc

It was time for Galaxy Ring to end. Rumors have been running rampant around Samsung’s connected ring for months. So much so that the Korean manufacturer finally cracked, confirming the existence of the project during the presentation of the Galaxy S24 last January. However, this still preserves the mystery around the device.

So seeing the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024 is a minor event. Moyens I/O was eventually able to glimpse the ring, but was unable to test it. It’s actually under a cover, preventing anyone from putting the ring on your finger. Therefore, we will have to be content with some scanty, but no less interesting information about its design. Starting from different sizes available, 9 pieces.

galaxy ring mwcgalaxy ring mwc

This is what the Galaxy Ring looks like

The ring will actually be available in sizes ranging from 5 to 13, thus accommodating every body type. Of course, the largest model will also benefit from the best battery. Moreover, we were able to observe silver, black and gold colors. It contains various sensors that are responsible for collecting the user’s health data, which will then be sent to the Samsung Health application.

At this point, Samsung guarantees what it wants to create. “A more connected, more integrated and more transparent digital wellbeing platform.” For this purpose, the company integrated all its innovations in this field into a ring light that can be worn at any time of the day or night, making it more comfortable than a connected watch. According to Samsung, it will be able to deliver rings “sleep information based on heart rate, movement and breathing indicators”. It will also be able to calculate fertile periods as well as menstrual cycles.

galaxy ring mwcgalaxy ring mwc

As for the release date, Samsung has announced a launch for this year without a specific timeframe. However, we know that this can be done next summer with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Fip 6.

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