Free Spotify: A bug that prevents music from playing on Google Nest Hubs

As 9To5Google reports, Spotify has decided to silently remove the audio streaming feature using a free Spotify account on Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and smart displays. Anyone trying to use this feature should get: “Premium Only” warningwill appear under the device they are trying to stream from.

This issue comes a day after the announcement of Spotify HiFi, a new feature that will allow Listen to CD quality music for a few euros in 2021 in addition to your subscription. Its arrival is not a surprise, as Spotify has been working on it since 2017.

Don’t panic Spotify won’t remove this feature

According to 9To5Google, which was able to contact the American company, the removal of content distribution for free users is not optional. probably woulda bug introduced by recent platform updates. Spotify is currently working to fix this, but some users on iOS still seem to be affected. The Android version of Spotify would be fully operational again.

According to a Spotify spokesperson, ” There are no plans to drop support for the free version of Spotify on devices with Google Assistant. “. If Spotify had really made the decision to disable this featureThe company would probably force some of its users to switch to other services. music streaming rivals. Indeed, broadcasting to connected devices is one of the most popular features of the platform.

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If you are still experiencing this dump error, some users are reporting it.It can be circumvented by adding Spotify to the Google Home app. Next, you’ll need to use voice commands to manage music or podcast distribution on connected speakers and smart displays like the Google Nest Hub.

Source : 9to5Google

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