Fire TV: Amazon has banned a key feature from its competitors

One of Google TV’s greatest strengths is that it offers centralization of all the movies and TV shows that might interest you through the “Guide” function. The interest is not to make a distinction between platforms. In other words, you can find links to movies/series available on Amazon Prime Video, Starz or OCS for example.

Plex has a similar tool, the “Discover” function that lets you find content on your favorite streaming services like HBO Max, Disney+, and even Apple TV+ and Netflix. Typically, this feature allows making deep connections between these different applications.

When the Discover feature became available in April 2022, Plex integrated the ability to connect directly to other apps across multiple platforms, including Amazon’s Fire TV. Thus, users can launch Plex on their Fire TV and buy/rent a series or movie in one of the many streaming apps on the market.

Amazon no longer wants deep links on Fire TV

and rightly, Amazon doesn’t like this merger between competing apps. As reported by our colleagues on the site TechHivePlex’s “Discover” feature is now blocked on Amazon Fire TV.

After launch, Amazon has clearly changed its development policy to prohibit this possibility.They asked us to remove this feature”, said Scott Hancock, Plex’s vice president of marketing. He said the company had no choice but to comply with Amazon’s request.

For now, it is not entirely clear why Amazon is banning deep links because the American giant has no official explanation. Again, everything shows that Amazon wants to regain 100% control of its platform (while leaving the space open to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service).

in February 2022 company starts blocking custom launchers for Fire TV, as a reminder, allowed users to enjoy another interface. If manipulation is still possible, it is now much more complex.

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