Dyson Zone: first headset with integrated air purifier reaches $949

Earlier this year, two days before 1thing In April, Dyson unveiled its first audio product, and it was silly to say the least. It was a helmet that promised Not only does it block out ambient noise, it also blocks unwanted airborne particlesthanks to the integrated filtering system and mask.

As a reminder, the Zone has a removable nose and mouth visor that cleans the air on the go. The attachment uses double-layer compressors and filters that Dyson says it can. Captures 99% of 0.1 micron polluting particles as well as other harmful gases such as NO2 and SO2. In addition, the headphones have many other features, including 50 hours of battery life and support for the entire audio spectrum.

Dyson Zone (2)

The earphones will then launch in March in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. The Dyson Zone will retail for $949 across the Atlantic and £749 across the Channel. Unfortunately, No release will be planned in France, so if you want a copy you will likely need to import it.. At least we can’t wait to see people walking around with such a product on the street.

Initially, Dyson will begin accepting appointment-only pre-orders before the headphones go on sale on its website and Demo stores. Two colors will be available: Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue/Bright Copper. The latter is only available directly from the company, but comes with a few extras, including a second electrostatic carbon filter, a soft pouch, and an airplane audio adapter.

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