Connected clock: the perfect flexible battery for doubling the autonomy

Most smartwatches offer little more than a day’s worth of battery life, and we have to admit, it’s not all that great. This poses a huge hurdle for most potential buyers, as it’s not always pleasant to charge your watch every day, or even several times a day.

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Fortunately, some researchers are currently working on various solutions to increase the autonomy of small interconnected objects such as smartwatches. Among them are successful students from the University of Arizona. Build an outstanding battery.

In the effect, based on the origami principlethey have succeeded in making a lithium-ion battery strip that can then stretch, as well as bend, to conform to the shapes of a smartwatch.

Still, many developers have made efforts to increase the autonomy of smartwatches, notably Pebble, which takes the gamble of using e-paper, thus offering autonomy ranging from 5 to 7 days. The opposite of Android Wear, with its day-long LCD screens, makes it almost imperative to find a workable solution to increase autonomy.

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As you can see in the video above, the research team at ASU, Arizona State University, tested their find on a Samsug Gear 2 and proved fully functional when delivered. 150% faster battery than original. It’s like twisting this little revolution in all directions.

Engineer Daniel Steinart still expressed some skepticism about this design, as he explained to Popular Mechanics magazine that a compromise between form and content is always necessary. Indeed, the more complex the shape, the less it will be possible to store energy in it.

No doubt if this were to be released, manufacturers would have no trouble finding a way to integrate this battery strip into their smartwatches without breaking their design. As a bonus, this will significantly increase the autonomy, in other words, it will be just useful.


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