CES 2023: Samsung unveils a refrigerator with a huge 32-inch display

The Korean manufacturer thus lifted the veil on it. Bespoke Fridge Family Hub Plus. As the name suggests, it is a refrigerator, but with many advantages.

more than that 190 American TV channels are available, as well as 80 Korean TV channels.. There’s even a picture-in-picture mode included, allowing you to continue watching television while surfing the web to find a recipe or even controlling your connected home.

The new refrigerator is part of Samsung’s Bespoke line, along with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition. This series is all about customization, because the smartphone offers more than 70 different color combinations. The term custom-made is defined as “. a product that is tailor-made to the needs of an individual customer and that’s exactly what Samsung wants to do here.

Customers are therefore choose one, two and four door options and just don’t mix and match cabinet combinationbut also change color of panels Shades such as Cotta White and Cotta Charcoal with metallic finishes and the front with glass finishes such as Clean Pink, Clean Navy, Satin Blue, Satin Gris and Satin Beige.

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