CES 2019: GE’s Kitchen Hub, a multifunctional smart display for ultra-connected kitchens

Every year we discover surprise vehicles at the CES booths in Las Vegas. GE Appliances was already available in its latest edition. GE’s Kitchen Centera multifunctional smart display that plays into roughly the same place as Google’s Home Center or even the Amazon Echo Show. The difference is that it has a huge 27-inch full touchscreen and is designed for use in modern kitchens. The device could not be marketed in 2018. After several months of tweaking, it’s finally ready to hit the market.

GE’s Kitchen Center: a giant “Home Center” that brings kitchens to life

The smart screen, designed as a system with an aspirator, can be placed on the hob at eye level. With this type of device, especially since the Hub is equipped with two cameras, you can cook while doing various digital tasks such as watching recipe videos online, sharing your culinary creations directly on social networks.

It’s even possible to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime Video outright, with the risk of regularly burning out – we can guess. As the brand explains:

Kitchen Hub allows families to create great meals, connect with loved ones, and take control of their home from the kitchen, which is the most important room. »

Home control for the simple reason that this smart Hub logically integrates Google Assistant as it runs on Android. For example, thanks to the integration of voice commands and IFTTT recipes, it is possible to interact with other connected objects in your home automation system.

GE’s Kitchen Center will be available in May 2019, with prices starting at €1,200.

GE kitchen center image

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