CES 2016: Here’s the attached cigarette box to quit smoking

CES 2016 is a bit of an open door to all inventions, and among the latest innovations on offer we find the Cigarette Stopper, a connected cigarette case to help you quit.

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The French company RegulSmoke has presented a very interesting product for those who want to gradually quit smoking or at least control their tobacco consumption. Cigarette Stopper is a box connected to your smartphone where you will place your cigarette pack.

Therefore, it is a product designed not for those who want to quit smoking suddenly, but for those who prefer to quit gradually. The linked box and accompanying app were designed by engineers and tobacco experts. The aim is to enable smokers to maximize their chances of quitting by focusing on their behavior and managing their nicotine addiction according to their physical, behavioral, psychological and emotional characteristics.

Concretely, the user will place the cigarette pack in the box, which will then be synchronized with the mobile application. This will create a personalized schedule that will enable the user to achieve their daily goals. While the process is in progress, the connected box only opens and closes according to the user’s profile and purposes, in short, only when your Bluetooth-connected smartphone tells it to do so.

smoking cessation app

Your tobacco consumption is therefore under control, and the app tells you how long you have until your next cigarette, how much time you’ve gained without a cigarette and how much you’ve saved since the start of your cycle. Note that the app can identify 62 different profiles.

The price of the box, which is expected to be a little later in the year, hasn’t been announced yet, but considering the price of the cigarette pack and thus the savings you’ll make by smoking less or not smoking at all, in the end, you’ll probably win.

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