By 2018 we will have an average of 7 connected objects per capita in France!

The oil of the 21st century, new consumption habits, the ubiquity of our daily lives, interconnected objects create a market full of futures and challenges for many observers. Proof of this is watches, clothing, toothbrushes, mailboxes, etc. This is because most everyday objects, such as Even the guns are tied. France should not escape this trend.

Since Miss Irma is unavailable and our crystal ball is under maintenance, we will rely on the estimates of Cisco, the American computer company. Second, it announced the results of its annual Visual Networking Index 2013-2018 study. estimates of internet traffic around the world.

444.6 million connected objects in France in 2018, or about 7 per capita!

Not surprisingly, we will observe over the years Increase in the number of internet users, mobile and connected devices, increasingly faster Internet connections and also an explosion in video. In 2018, 3.9 billion people worldwide, or 52% of the population, will have access to the internet. The number of connected devices will be 20.6 billion and the speed will be 2.6 times higher than in 2013, that’s all.

As for video, by the dawn of the next decade it will represent 79% of internet traffic in France. Outside of the video connected objects should also experience an explosion influential. And rightfully so, 444.6 million mobile terminals will be connected to the network in 2018 compared to 254.8 million in 2013, ie. 74% increase. While we had an average of 4 connected objects per person last year, that number would grow to 6.7. These will represent an increasingly significant portion of internet traffic.

As a direct result of this growth, computers will represent “only” 46% of traffic 17% less in 2018 than in 2013. Also, keep in mind that their security can be improved. Samsung should equip its connected objects with fingerprint readers next year. Other manufacturers could do the same.

Share your impressions in the comments. What do you think of these different predictions? How many linked objects do you currently have?

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