Bac 2015: Connected watches are prohibited during tests!

Connected watches are being equipped with more and more advanced functions, making them potentially possible gadgets like smartphones or scientific calculators. detailed cheats. During the tests, the Ministry of Education, instead of the police, decided to ban smart watches in exam halls for this reason.

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Faced with the threat posed by linked objects, the ministry chose to take the lead. After the universities, it was the turn of the high schools.ban smart watches During the baccalaureate exams. The information has just been verified thanks to the first invitations sent to high school students. Second, it updated the instructions stipulating the famous exile.

As specifically stated, smartwatches must be turned off and stored neatly in the competitor’s bag. Therefore, it is a prohibited device during the event. Connected watches so smartphones and tablets are on the list of devices that don’t have it. no access to test rooms.

Smartwatch banned from exams

Therefore, the regime adopted is the same as for electronic memory devices with the possibility of looking at files. This vague definition fighting the installation of cheat sheets cheating on exams. It must be said that our new technological tools allow a large number of document manipulations and it will be easy to refer to the summaries of their lessons.

Therefore, it should be noted that cheating in exams represents criminal fraud. as much as these 9000 euro fine It can be commuted to 3 years imprisonment. Likewise, the perpetrator is sentenced to a ban of up to 5 years from taking the National Education exam. Pay attention if you want to dare ministry 🙂 .


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