Archos “Connected Self”: a new line of connected products dedicated to well-being

French company Archos plans to launch Wide variety of connected objects at CES 2014 In January. These are objects compatible with Android and IOS and will specialize in home, health and well-being. One of the biggest advantages will be their very affordable price, as the manufacturer knows how to do it. We wish the manufacturer a lot of encouragement as there will be tough competition in this industry, especially with Sony.

These products will make it possible to create a real home automation system at home, thanks to a 7-inch tablet, Archos Home Tablet, and Smart Home app compatible with all accessories in the series. The ecosystem of Archos connected objects will include, among other things: a mini camera, a presence detector, a door opener detector or a smart plug.

Linked objects will be presented by Archos at CES 2014.

Archos also offers three objects: a wristband, the Archos Activity Tracker that records your daily activity, counts your steps and calories burned during a day, a linked scale called the Archos Connected Scale, and a cardio frequency meter called Archos Blood Pressure, which will monitor your blood pressure and heart rate monitor. These three objects import their data into the same app called Archos Connected Self Displays all necessary information.

Finally, Archos also mentions a meteorology station that provides information about indoor and outdoor temperature, CO2 level, humidity or atmospheric pressure. This object will connect to an application called Archos Weather Station, which will give it to you. all necessary weather information. Finally, the manufacturer also promises smartwatches that we know very little about at the moment, except that their prices start at around 50 euros. As a reminder, Archos should also present the Archos 79 Xenon tablet during CES.


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