Apple Watch Series 8 alerts emergency services and saves owner’s life after serious car accident

It is now common knowledge that Apple Watches are particularly useful for: detect health problems. Stories of people learning about heart problems or even tumors in their bodies have multiplied in recent years. But the linked watch isn’t just used to monitor its owner’s health. He can also call emergency service if necessary.

This is indeed a feature that appeared on the Apple Watch Series 8. The smart watch detects the strong impulses experienced by itself, interruption when owner is in the middle of a car accident and therefore, contact the emergency services to help him. That’s exactly what happened to Carnivoroustaco, a Reddit member who shared his story on the forum.

Apple Watch Series 8 saved his life after a car accident

The driver who had a flat tire in the middle of the road, like this It crashed into a phone panel at 80 km/h. Later, the woman feels her watch vibrate as she asks for help. “It was in the middle of nowhere, so who knows how long I would have been there without the clock”, He wrote. His wounds are relatively minor: an orbital fracture and three broken ribs.

But without the Apple Watch, the balance sheet could have been much heavier. “My face is more blood than skin and my hands are stained with glass and blood”prefixes Thank Apple for this feature. The user even emailed Tim Cook directly to tell his story. Apple CEO replied to him a few hours later, wishing him to get rid of this accident as soon as possible.

Source : reddit

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