Apple Watch saves life by letting doctors detect rare disease

Ken Counihan would have been dead by now if he hadn’t paid attention to the notifications his Apple Watch sent. “I like to use my watch to keep track of what I’m doing, my calorie expenditure,” she explains. […] I also wear it to bed to monitor my sleep”. The watch, like a smartphone, is now an object fully integrated into its routine.

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states that sFirst notification displayed on Apple Watch Very intriguing in October 2022: “I received a warning that my respiratory rate was high. I was up from 14 to 17 or 18 breaths per minute”. X-ray film taken in the outpatient clinic does not give any results. Staff only prescribe bronchitis medicine.

Apple Watch gives emergency doctors precise information, saves lives

When he returns home, he just wants to rest. Apple Watch warns him again. Blood oxygen levels drop. very fast: we must return to the emergency room at all costs. Armed with the health information provided by her connected watch, Me Counihan was able to convince doctors that her body was indeed weakening.

After further analysis and scanning, staff diagnoses blood clots in all lungsis a very serious condition that can be fatal if not detected in time. The patient told a Cleveland newspaper: “The doctor said that if I hadn’t consulted with me, I might not have woken up the next morning if I had gone to bed.” His Apple Watch saved his life by allowing professionals to refine their diagnosis.

Source : 9TB 5 Macs

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