Apple Watch saved a cyclist’s life by calling for help after a bad fall

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We can no longer count the number of testimonials from Apple Watch users arguing that they are still alive thanks to their connected watches. For several years now, it has not only been able to detect diseases in its owner by detecting heart abnormalities, but also makes it possible to call for help if an accident occurs. Eric Zollinger recently found himself in this second scenario.

This 49-year-old real estate agent decided to bike to work last month. It is a journey that is not without risks, there are huge potholes on the road. However, the storm that broke out the day before completely covered the pit and could not be detected from afar. “Suddenly I looked up and saw everything was flooded and there was traffic behind me. I had to switch says Eric.

Apple Watch alerts emergency services after serious cycling accident

What had to happen happened. Eric falls violently to the ground. Fortunately, he manages to get up quickly; he states after checking the condition of his teeth. Despite everything, he realizes that he is injured in his knee and in the middle of his face. Although he is not bleeding much, he decides to return home to get rid of his emotions. However, while taking a shower, his nose begins to bleed excessively. He tries to stand up but immediately feels himself fainting.

“Then ‘911, what’s your emergency?’ I remember hearing. “. Sure enough, Eric had the good idea to keep his Apple Watch on his wrist, and immediately realizing he had fallen, Eric decided to call for help. Thanks to the location of the linked watch, the ambulance was able to go directly to the cyclist’s home. Ultimately more fear than harm, analysis found nothing problematic. “I don’t know how things would have turned out if my watch hadn’t warned me.” but it indicates the owner.

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