Apple Watch: Ghost button bug is rampant and causing connected watches to do anything

Apple Watch Series 9

If we talk a lot about the news that Apple Watch saves lives, we should not forget that it is an electronic device like any other. In doing so, it is prone to errors like any other watch; Errors are sometimes so severe that they make the use of the connected watch completely impossible. Unfortunately, Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 owners are currently experiencing this situation.

In an internal memo, the Cupertino company addresses a serious issue currently affecting two of its connected watches. Therefore it raises a concern “ghost keys”. In other words, the Apple Watch screen behaves as if the user touched the screen even if the user does not interact with it. The manufacturer states why this may occur “sudden jumps” in applications, it may even unintentionally trigger a call.

Does your Apple Watch do anything? A fix is ​​coming

But this error can be even more frustrating. Some users may not be able to unlock the connected watch because they entered the wrong password. It is not very practical to update your firmware and therefore fix the error permanently. However, it looks like the fix hasn’t been deployed yet; Apple states that this should come with the next system update.

Therefore, Apple urges its users to regularly check if a new update is available. The company also states that there is no point in taking your watch to a repairman, as the repairman has been instructed not to intervene in the malfunction. Meanwhile, a forced reboot may temporarily fix the problem. To do this, simply press and hold the side button and Digital Crown for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Source : MacRumors

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