Apple is reportedly working on cheaper AirPods Lite to crush competition

2023 will be the year of change for Apple. First of all, changes regarding the manufacturer’s strategy. Disturbed by the disappointing sales of the iPhone 14, the Cupertino company decided to change course for the iPhone 15 to be released in 2023. More about marking the differences between the vanilla models and the Plus/Pro/Max iterations.

The idea of ​​being justified in the eyes of consumers more investment in these high-end versions. But that’s not all, because according to analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong Intl Tech, Apple may also change its plans regarding AirPods.

More specifically, and according to industry sources, apple brand is currently working on AirPods Lite, an entry-level version of their famous wireless earbuds. The idea with this new product is to go directly to the references of this segment, such as Huawei’s Freebuds or Ears of Nothing (1).

Will AirPods Lite make up for the absence of new models in 2023?

In addition, the whistleblower still claims that according to his sources, the demand for AirPods will drop significantly in 2023. Thus, shipments could fall from 73 million in 2022 to 63 million this year. This decline will depend on two factors, the first being “Low demand for 3″ Airpods, the second is that Apple has not made it official to launch new AirPods in 2023.

If we follow the analyst’s logic, this is AirPods Lite, so from 2024 it may be available for less than AirPods 2, currently showing as €159 in France. Regarding the technical side of this AirPods Lite, we will unfortunately have to wait. The analyst did not share any information about this. But at this point we are wondering.

Concretely, this AirPods Lite would have to offer even less than the latest AirPods 3; this, as a reminder, was already happy with the minimum of unity (very limited compatibility with Android, no customization of controls, sound quality far from outstanding and above all no noise reduction) for A starting price set at 209 euros remains the same.

Source : 9TB5Mac

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