Android: control the system with your eyes thanks to the dongle [Vidéo]

There are many exploits in the high tech world and there is one we have to share with you. The Eye Trib team has produced a USB dongle that can be used on Windows.. You’ll wonder what this information has to do with Moyens I/O.

The good news is that the technology being developed is . This allows you to control your system with your eyes. In short, our future devices will be equipped with eye tracking that gives (total) control over our electronic devices.

Play Fruit Ninja without touching the screen thanks to Eye Tracking

. This is indeed a much more sophisticated feat that will enable true eye tracking with still unmatched motion accuracy, especially on a mobile device.

Accessory one High resolution camera in the form of a USB dongle for plugging into the microUSB port for example, a smartphone provided with a software layer that implements the technology.

To get an idea of ​​what it looks like, I recommend watching this very complete intro video, especially where you’ll see the author:

This second video shows us that: USB dongle made by team and compatible on computer (Eye Trib Tracker)For an affordable price of $142 (including shipping), which can also be pre-ordered for France via the official website:

, given that the dongle designed for the computer is already on its way to commercialization. Additionally, the accessory will offer a development kit for the integration of this technology, which we hope will be generally available soon.

Feel free to give your impressions of such a success? Interested in this kind of technology on your Android device? or not at all?

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