Amazon Echo Dot (2022): 5th-generation connected speaker also acts as a Wi-Fi repeater

Echo Dot

In addition to the Kindle Scribe, the first stylus-equipped e-reader, Amazon introduced its new fifth-generation Echo Dot connected speakers at a conference last night. Features of the standard Echo Dot are now availableA new and complete custom speakerIt has the highest excursion of all Echo Dots and claims to deliver clearer vocals and Twice as powerful bass despite having the same size. UsersEcho Studio will also be able to take advantage of spatial audio, the latest trend in audio enhancement technology. This personalized audio processing is based on Amazon’s 3D audio technology.

Amazon also announced a major update for the all-new Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation), older Amazon Echo (2020), and Amazon Echo Dot (2020). These can now help boost your home Wi-Fi signal As part of your Eero mesh Wi-Fi setup. In other words, your connected speaker It can act as a Wi-Fi repeater.

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Amazon is also updating its other connected speakers

Echo Dot with time display now goes beyond time. view calendar events and media informationIt’s a useful addition for anyone looking for a stylish and compact smart speaker for their bedside table or desk.

Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock feature new sensors (including a temperature sensor) that enable more contextual Alexa experiences, such as the ability to ask Alexa.Automatically turns on your smart fan when it’s too hot inside. The new generation also adds an accelerometer to enable new touch gesture controls; touch the top of the device To pause and resume music, turn off timers, or end a call.

Echo Dot is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. 59.99 euros. It will be available later on: October 20 in three colors : White, Anthracite and Dark Blue.

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