AirPods Max: If you’re a DIY enthusiast, learn how to make the headphones USB-C compatible

airpods max usb c

The arrival of the AirPods Max 2, scheduled for the end of 2024, should be a turning point. USB-C port integration. This adaptation follows iPhones’ recent switch to this more universal connection. This update reflects Apple’s port harmonization strategy and addresses both. Compliant with European standards and user expectations for more consistent and practical use across the product range.

However, past experience with the iPhone 15’s “personalized” USB-C encourages caution in this regard. compatibility total AirPods Max 2 with third party accessories. This approach preserves the external appearance of the connector, limiting certain featuresIt highlights Apple’s problems in combining characteristic innovation with fluid and unrestricted use within its ecosystem.

Here’s how to add a USB-C port to your Airpods Max

Engineer Ken Pillonel discovered it was possible To eliminate the Lightning connector Use AirPods Max and replace them with a USB-C port without sacrificing the aesthetics or functionality of the headphones. After designing a special printed circuit and it was successful when he chose the right connector upload via new port from the first try. This change not only demonstrates Pillonel’s creativity, but also highlights the technical possibility. standardize connections within Apple devices, thus simplifying their use.

Unfortunately this change Does not allow audio transfer via USB-C due to Apple-specific technical limitations. Pillonel states that this type of functionality is necessary chip integration it comes from a brand new adapter, which will make the mod less attractive from a cost-benefit perspective. Before you rush to convert your precious AirPods Max, note that this change is mostly a technical achievement rather than a real practical advance. Music won’t magically flow through this new port. In short, if your aim is to simplify your cable collection, this modification is for you. Otherwise, this would be a technical coup rather than a real revolution.

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