6 Best Beats Fit Pro Cases and Covers

This Beats Fit Pro it is one of the newest earphones to jump on top of the truly wireless earphones team. These compact headphones combine stylish features such as ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and spatial sound. More importantly, iOS users can experience hands-free Siri. However, like most headphones, the charging case is prone to ugly scratches and wear marks if you’re not very careful. Fortunately, there are many Beats Fit pro cases and covers to increase overall protection.

The best part is that these cases are affordable for around $10. If you want to keep your Beats Fit Pro in pristine condition, here are some of the best cases and covers you can buy.

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1.Korea Soft Transparent TPU Transparent

Koreda Soft Transparent TPU Transparent

The Koreda Clear case is a good choice if you want to showcase the original color of the Beats Fir Pro. It’s affordable and fits nicely in the charging case. This is a two piece case and you will need to install the top and bottom piece separately.

All you have to keep in mind is to use two pieces of glue to hold the case in place. While the fit is in place, this isn’t one of the most durable cases. And you may need to change it often.

However, it does what is necessary and protects the case from scratches and scuff marks. So far, users have had mixed experiences with this case. This only works for a short time and you may want to choose another one for extended use.

2. JIML Soft Silicone Case

JIML Soft Silicone Case

If you want a soft touch case, you may want to look into the JINL case. It is soft to touch and increases the overall grip of the case. At the same time, the case is thin and elegant and does not add much weight to the overall headphone case.

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Quite a few users praised it for its accurate color. Plus, it’s easy to install and the adhesive keeps the case in place.

Another nice thing about this case is the metal fastening on the corners. This stylish accessory allows you to carry the headphones with ease. And you can clip it to the inside of your bag when needed.

Many users admire its high-quality adhesion along with its robust and durable construction for its price. The good thing is that when you remove the case, the adhesive doesn’t leave unsightly stains behind.

3. Koopiya TPU Military Beats Case

Koopiya TPU Military Beats Case

If you work in a high-risk area, you may want more than a regular silicone sleeve. The Koppiya case is a hard-backed TPU case that can protect the Beats Fit Pro from minor bumps and falls. Plus, the padded corners protect the corners from bumps and falls.

The texture doubles down on the task of adding a hold and a nice touch. The best part about this case is that it fits like a glove. You need to keep in mind to keep the adhesion well. For your information, this is a 1 piece bag.

As above, you have the option of hanging carabiners and lanyards. At the same time, the back has a cut in the right place for charging the case.

So far, it has collected a lot of reviews. However, several people reported that the case remained open at times.

4. Geiomoo Silicone Case

Geiomoo Silicone Case

If you’re already an Apple AirTag user, you may want to take a look at Geiomoo’s silicone case. The highlight of this case is the cutout on the back for the AirTag. So even if you lose or misplace your earphones, following the AirTag can help you find them easily. Fine, we would say.

At its heart, it’s a silicone case and adds the usual features like non-slip exteriors and a hole for the carabiner to attach the earphones to the inside of your purse or backpack. However, given that these earphones cost almost $200, we recommend clipping them out of the bags.



Are you a Nintendo Switch fan? If your answer is yes, you might want to check out Qingqing’s Switch case. This silicone case brings a colorful look with the combination of Red and Black. Besides that, this case is popular among the user base due to its fit, adhesion and durability.

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Another highlight of this Beats Fit Pro is its tight fit. Fits Beats Fit Pro like a glove and doesn’t fall off. At the same time, the case is lightweight and manages to retain the original form factor of the carrying case.

It is popular among the user base. If you don’t mind carrying a bold bag, it’s a great choice for its quality and price.

6. Filoto Hard Case for Apple Beats Fit Pro

Filoto Hard Case for Apple Beats Fit Pro

Finally, Filoto are in a difficult position. It’s a hard PC clear case, meaning you can showcase your headset’s original colors in all their glory. The hard exterior gives it an extra boost of protection.

The good thing is that the case stays open even without sticking. Increases the safety of the headset.

It is easy to install and you can attach it to it. It is a two-piece bag that fastens, like a carry bag. However, remember that procrastination is not the easiest situation.

Case Open!

These are some of the cases and covers you can buy for the Beats Fit Pro. They protect the carrying case from scratches and add the necessary grip to the case. More importantly, the carabiner helps you securely clip the case.

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