Refurbished smartphone: soon there will be no more special copy tax

When you buy a new smartphone in France, you pay certain taxes. This VAT Of course. But also special copy tax. This tax applies to all electronic devices with internal storage. Computer. hard disk. Telephone. Etc. Refurbished products until 2021 were not affected by this tax as it was paid for by the original owner. However, the rights holders have obtained their integration in the aforementioned list of products.

This precaution second half of 2021. As of this date, refurbished smartphone vendors have paid around ten euros under the special copy tax. Quickly, the UFC-Que Choisir and the association of professionals associated with refurbished products condemned this decision. in November 2022that is, one year after the implementation, the public rapporteur recommended the annulment of this decision.

The Council of State abolished the special copying tax applied to renewed smartphones

Nevertheless, the Council of State had to comply with this view. And it happens eventually. According to our colleagues from daily life on the Internet InformedThe Council of State voted pure and simple cancellation of the fee Special copy for refurbished products, including smartphones. The Council of State explains this decision by the procedural error in establishing the scale applied: Some members of the commission, who must decide how much to apply to each product, not at the time of voting.

This new decision will enter into force on the date February 1, 2023. Revocation of copyright on refurbished products not retroactive. Therefore, you cannot claim a refund of the amount you had to pay under private copying. It seems clear that the Council of State wants to avoid a major influx of disputes over tax collector Copie France.

Should we expect a drop in the price of refurbished smartphones after February 1? It is not mandatory. Indeed, some distributors reduced their margins in 2021 after the tax was first introduced. An effort that cannot be replicated in 2023, given the inflationary economic conditions. Then those who raise their prices in 2021 will no doubt see an opportunity to increase their margins here. In the short run, the consumer will therefore not necessarily be the winner.

Source : Informed

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