Huawei could overtake Apple and become the world’s largest company in 2024

NSA has been spying on Huawei since 2009: China

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei had previously rejected the idea of ​​taking the company public. However, it is reported that discussions continue for 2024.An IPO could be in China’s national interest by allowing Huawei to raise funds through share sales.

The recent success of Huawei, which has significantly recovered from the negative impact of US restrictions and is optimistic that it can regain the lost ground in the smartphone market, has sparked thoughts of an initial public offering on the Sotck stock exchange. Moreover, Huawei would not be the only one considering an IPO, becauseIt is reported that Honor, which was sold in 2020, is now considering becoming a private company.

The Chinese market has shown a huge appetite for technology stocks, as evidenced by the successful IPO of SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation). Although SMIC was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in 2019 at a valuation of less than $6 billion, its subsequent listing in Shanghai increased its market value to nearly $30 billion.

If Huawei goes public, it will attract strong interest from international investors eager to participate in China’s technological success. A possible Huawei IPO is just An important financial step for the companye, but can also be interpreted as: Victory against American sanctions. As a reminder, the company recently demonstrated its resilience in the face of sanctions by introducing its flagship Mate 60 smartphone equipped with a 5G chip. Now it remains to be seen whether this success will be enough to enable Huawei to reach a higher market value than Apple.

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