Ethereum: “The Merge” ends mining and reduces energy consumption by 99.95%

Ethereum had a historic moment for the crypto world as the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world completely changed the way it works. Indeed, the leading blockchain has moved from a proof-of-work model to a proof-of-stake model. Thus, it eliminates the energy-intensive process known as Ethereum mining.

Each validator is randomly selected to validate a block. It is then responsible for verifying the legitimacy of this block’s transactions. Multiple validators are involved in validating each block that contains some simple math operations. If a positive consensus is reached, the block and its transactions are simply accepted on the blockchain.

However, this change will allow the latter to see their energy consumption significantly reduced. It is also a huge achievement that one of the biggest players in cryptocurrency has invested time and money in laying the foundations for a less disruptive and more efficient ecosystem. The merger is therefore probably Contribute to changing the entire industry discourse on the climate hazard of cryptocurrencies.

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