YouTube TV is still gaining more subscribers, that’s a bleed for traditional television bundles

According to Cord Cutters News, YouTube TV, which offers live broadcasts of American TV channels, is the only American TV operator to register new subscribers in the second quarter of 2023. According to a recent survey, Americans are watching less and less television on a television set. The industry is going through a very serious crisis.

The reversal of this trend in favor of streaming services has been evident since Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other Disney+ have imposed themselves on our homes. Admittedly, the “cord cutters” movement is gaining momentum, preferring to subscribe to video streaming services over satellite or cable offerings, even if so far viewers stick to certain packages and continue to pay for subscriptions. according to a Leichtman Research Group reportAmerican cable operators have been suffering for a while subscriber bleeding.

YouTube TV is the only pay TV service to register new subscribers

“Last year, the main pay-TV providers recorded a net loss of approximately 5,360,000 subscribers, compared to a net loss of about 4,235,000 in the previous year,” according to the institute. While the situation is serious for American pay-TV giants like Comcast, it is not. nothing better for virtual distributors of omnichannel video programs.

The services of vMVPD, of which Hulu is one of the leading names, allow subscribers to access television content over the internet. All of these providers have lost subscribers, with the notable exception of YouTube TV. There aggressive YouTube TV policy when it comes to acquiring content,exclusivity on certain WNBA or NFL gamesfor example, it bears fruit at the expense of traditional television channels.

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