Wiper, the app that permanently deletes all your conversations

The issue of security and respect for privacy is one of the biggest challenges of modern technology. Smartphone and tablet users cannot be advised to be as careful and knowledgeable as possible about managing their personal data on their devices. Some recent events, like the massive Heartbleed security breach, tell us sometimes, Even the safest and most regular use of one’s device is not always sufficient.

And efforts still need to be made in this area. A few days ago, a study by Zscaler told us, among other things, that 28% of the apps in the Google Play Store require access to the user’s SMS, and 68% of them require authorization to send SMS, even without systematic agreement. An important number that reminds us that user SMS is not exempt from spying, even if it is used frequently for special needs.

To provide an element of first solution to this thorny problem, the messaging app Wiper has included a function that can be extremely useful for those who don’t want to leave a trace every time they clean their messaging system. It actually allows permanent deletion of any conversation at the request of the usernot only on its own terminal, but also on the recipient’s terminal and on the servers of the application.

Wiper allows you to delete a message while controlling what happens to the shared data with a simple delete gesture on the touchscreen. It even allowsnotify the user if the recipient takes a screenshot chat to keep him on his side; It’s a feature that has already been tested on Snapchat.

Wiper: Delete a conversation in GIF

According to the words of its developer Manlio Carrelli, Wiper also encourages its users to use their messaging more calmly and Communicate fearlessly and less timidly “We’ve always been disappointed that people don’t have control or insight into how long service providers keep their information. Often you don’t know how long they keep them and you have no control over their deletion.”

That’s why Wiper, as well as those who want to have control over the data they send, also delete an unfortunate message immediately a humiliating SMS sent to the wrong recipient or regretted in the latter. Frankly, hoping the buyer hasn’t had time to read it yet…

Wiper is available for free on Android (as well as iOS) and can be downloaded from the Play Store by following the link below.

Will Delete on Google Play Store


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