Windows finally fixes an old bug, recap Galaxy S23s will get new AI soon

Windows 11 error manager

Microsoft has finally fixed a bug that’s more than 6 months old with a new optional update for Windows 10 and 11. Samsung should also equip its 2023 Galaxy S23s with the brand new Galaxy AI artificial intelligence soon. Finally, Spotify would cause many problems on the Google Pixel 8, especially regarding battery and heating. Let’s move on to the summary of Thursday, February 22, 2024.

Microsoft released a fix for an old bug

Microsoft has released an update that at least many users have been waiting for, as it finally fixes an issue that appeared in June 2023. Some can no longer start videos or record their screens, or worse, their webcams no longer work. . That’s why the American giant has released a fix in a new optional version for Windows 10 and 11 that you can download now.

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Galaxy AI coming soon to Galaxy S23

Samsung introduced its brand new artificial intelligence called Galaxy AI at the beginning of the year with the Galaxy S24. This adds many exciting features to the devices, such as Circle to Search, and soon more users will be able to benefit from it. We now know when AI will come to the brand’s older devices, specifically the Galaxy S23, which launches in 2023.

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Spotify causes problems on Pixel 8

Spotify appears to be causing some bugs on smartphones, which is bad news for Pixel 8 users. Internet users especially complained about battery life melting like snow in the sun and even overheating, even when the application is open in the background. Fortunately, Spotify has created a solution to the problem.

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