Which Galaxy S10e Storage to Buy

This guide will help you decide which Samsung Galaxy S10e storage option to buy when you choose your new phone. Samsung offers two storage options and you can expand your storage later with a MicroSD card, but you should still consider spending the extra $100 to double your storage as there is an extra bonus that comes with this upgrade.

With the larger Galaxy s10e storage option, you also get more RAM, which aligns S10e performance with the $150 more Galaxy S10. If you go this route, you’ll also get twice as much storage as the base Galaxy S10 or S10+, which is a nice bonus. Take a closer look at which storage option to buy when you choose your Galaxy S10e.

How Much Galaxy S10e Storage Do I Need?

How much Galaxy S10 e storage do you need?

Galaxy S10e storage comes in 128GB and 256GB, and both sizes have MicroSD card support that lets you add up to 512GB of additional storage. That makes choosing a larger Android storage option less of a hassle, but it’s a nice upgrade and you get 8GB of RAM instead of 6GB of RAM. It’s a performance boost that isn’t shabby.

The only price difference is $100, which includes extra storage and an additional 2GB of RAM. You can take advantage of all Galaxy S10e deals when you purchase additional storage.

You can buy the Galaxy S10e at: best buy, SAMSUNG, verizon, AT&T, T mobile, sprint and US Cellular Starting at $749 or less than $12.48 per month.

Who Should Buy the 128GB Galaxy S10e?

If you plan to buy a microSD card, if you are not going to use many applications at the same time, and if you plan to keep a backup of your photos in the cloud, you should be able to use the 128GB Galaxy S10e storage option with ease. . Plan to spend $25 to $30 on a MicroSD card slot and use Google Photos to back up your images and videos.

This is a very capable phone at $749, and the base 128GB storage is enough for many users. That’s double the base storage on the iPhone XR, and it’s enough for many average users.

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Who Should Buy the 256GB Galaxy S10e?

The 256Gb Galaxy S10e is the best value and at a premium of $100 if you plan to keep your phone for a long time and are an advanced user. With the RAM added to this model, you’ll have the same performance as the Galaxy S10, double the storage of the base Galaxy S10, and a smaller form factor.

If you don’t want to buy a MicroSD card right away, you want better performance, and you plan to use your phone for more than two years, this is the option you should buy. You’ll have better performance over the life of your phone, and while we hope that’s not the case, extra RAM could be the difference between getting a future Android update from Samsung or not. Or at least between a good update and a slow update.

At this stage, you might consider going with the 128GB Galaxy S10, which includes a $130 gift certificate, extra cameras, and a bigger screen if that appeals to you. Note that if you want more Galaxy S10 storage you have to spend the extra $250, so it starts to get expensive.

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