Which Galaxy S10 Color to Buy: Black, White, Blue or Ceramic?

In this guide, we’ll help you decide which Galaxy S10 color is the best and which one to buy. Samsung’s new phones are stylish, sexy and come in six elegant new colors this year. Basically, choosing a color is a big deal. Ask yourself, “Which Galaxy S10 color should I get?” if you’re asking. These are your options and what you need to know.

Will you buy the Galaxy S10 in Prism Black, go for a sleek new Green or Flamingo Pink, or pay extra for a Ceramic Black Galaxy S10 Plus? It’s a tough choice, here’s a video showing each one.

These phones are available in a wide variety of colors. However, your best bet is Prism Black or Prism White. Not to mention that some regions won’t offer all of them. Prism Green is NOT available in the US, but Flamingo Pink and Prism Blue are both available. Smart choice.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Color Options

Keep in mind that while Samsung is only releasing a few colors at the moment, we expect more in the coming weeks and months. Eventually, they will release a few shades of blue, plus the colors are different depending on the model you purchased. Like the Canary Yellow Galaxy S10e.

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