WhatsApp will soon let you send messages that are deleted after being read

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If WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging service today, it’s because the app can regularly innovate itself by integrating new features – even if that means clearly taking inspiration from its rivals. This is how the Meta subsidiary introduced ephemeral messages last August, which are automatically deleted from the conversation after a user-specified period of time. WhatsApp has also recently improved this functionality, confirming the previously mentioned rule.

But that’s not the only innovation directly in the Snapchat catalog; because the app recently also allowed you to send single image photos. The concept is to send an image that, like its yellow rival, automatically disappears from the conversation as soon as it is opened by its recipient, with no possibility of viewing it again. Until now, this functionality was only available for photos and other videos, but that’s about to change.

Single video messages will come to WhatsApp soon

In fact, the latest beta version of WhatsApp on Android, version, also adds the ability to send messages in a single view. The option is indicated by a small padlock above the submit button, as shown in the image below. When this appears, it means the user is about to send a single-image message, which will be deleted once read.

Just like single-image photos and videos, it will not be possible to copy or forward these messages. Likewise, we think it will not be possible to take screenshots to save them as images. Since the feature is still under development, the appearance and overall operation of the button is still subject to some changes. We don’t know the distribution date of the second one yet.

whatsapp message single viewwhatsapp message single view

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