WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat: back to the instant messaging box

WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Viber. All these names definitely mean something to you. And rightfully so, these instant messaging services are highly appreciated by smartphone users. Young and old are satisfied with these new communication services that leave SMS aside. back to chat box.

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TNS conducted a study for its new edition. Connected Living and became interested in the instant messaging phenomenon. if in the world 55% of users use at least one service per day instant messaging and 76% at least once a week, this phenomenon is less pronounced in France and Europe than elsewhere. However, their use continues to increase. Between 2014 and 2015, instant messaging usage increased by 12%!

France lags behind, but the phenomenon is gaining momentum

While more than half of users globally connect to an email service at least once a day, In France, this rate is only 28%.. France is therefore lagging behind, but the phenomenon is gaining momentum. Instant messaging usage in France increased by 7% between 2014 and 2015.

Other countries in Europe are more fond of WhatsApp or other Messenger. In the UK 39% of users connect to it every day (+21% compared to 2014), in Italy we reach 52% and in Spain we are well above the world average at 68%.

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If France is far behind its competitors, this is mainly because it has had the world’s best mobile tariffs for a very long time. SMS and MMS have been unlimited for years now nowhere else in the world.

In user habits, SMS reflex remained stable this partly explains the less success compared to other countries. Still, the developers have redoubled their creativity to make instant messaging more intuitive, ergonomic and original. This is what partially explains this incredible development of these social network-like apps.

SMS resisting

Whether in France or around the world, SMS did not have the last word. His death, announced a few years ago, will not happen. According to an infographic from Nexmo, 350 billion text messages are sent every month In the world.

If instant messaging is more fun, SMS has this little nostalgic aspect that always appeals to users. It remains the first non-verbal communication reflex because it is universal, which is not the case with instant messaging.

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Not everyone installs the same instant messaging app, not everyone is available in all messengers. One of both Facebook Messenger is the most reaching, WhatsApp or Snapchat are also very common. But the simple fact of asking whether there is such an application of this and that is binding for the user. For this reason, SMS is one step ahead of those claimed to be executioners.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger user favorites

In Europe, instant messaging apps are on the rise, although the phenomenon is less pronounced than in the rest of the world and especially in China and developing countries. And users have favorites: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger win the award One of the most used messaging systems.

The first established itself extremely quickly in Spain (79%, +10 points), Italy (59%, +9 points), Germany (40%, +14 points) and Great Britain (23%, +10 points). proved. In the United States and France, the phenomenon is less pronounced for this service (7% and +4 points in the USA, 6% and +2 points in France).

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The great French champion (and even more so worldwide) remains Facebook Messenger. Even if the Messenger app has been detached from the social network, there is a good reason why the messaging service has been added to Facebook accounts, the preferred network in France.

so, 30% of users say they use the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg At least once a day. In France, Facebook is even more successful, with 48% of Internet users claiming to use Facebook every day. So which instant messaging service do you use the most?


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