WhatsApp: live location sharing and easy number switching

Who still uses SMS? Instead of chatting with their less computer-savvy parents, teens have largely turned to the various instant chat apps available on the Play Store.

This is an understandable move as they are much more adaptable to the new types of communication they use. While Messenger has crossed the 1.2 billion user limit, WhatsApp (which passed it a long time ago) will be updated very soon.

Share location and change number on WhatsApp

Indeed, the WABetaInfo community has researched the latest beta versions of the app and discovered that the number change is coming soon. More specifically, the feature was discovered in the Windows Phone version and allows you to send a public message to your contacts to alert them.

Another feature: sharing your live location will soon be possible and you will let a chat group or a simple friend find you anytime:

Like Google Maps live location sharing, you can of course have it stop automatically after a certain amount of time. The goal is not to be able to follow you whenever you want, just to let others follow your journey.

It seems that this famous feature is increasingly in demand: nowadays there are countless applications that integrate it. To believe that many GPS on Android is no longer enough: now your friends almost need to be on the road with you!

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