WhatsApp being removed from some smartphones, Galaxy S23 should be available from February 1, 2023, this week’s recap

It’s not because it’s Christmas and Moyens I/O hasn’t forgotten you over the holidays! While some users will soon be deprived of WhatsApp, the Windows 10 update triggers a blue screen of death, which you can avoid thanks to a workaround that we shared with you in our exclusive news. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, read on to find out how much it costs to share an account. Finally, get ready for the incredible performance of Nvidia’s next generation graphics cards.

49 smartphones will soon be deprived of WhatsApp

If you regularly use WhatsApp, this news may interest you. As a matter of fact, the app will soon stop working on 49 older smartphones. As of December 31, some devices will no longer be powerful enough to run the messaging app. To discover the full list of smartphones in question, head over to our news.

What to expect when sharing a Netflix account?

If you’re sharing your Netflix account with your loved ones for free, prepare to have to pay now. As a matter of fact, the streaming giant announced a few weeks ago that Netflix would now charge for password sharing. The increase could be between 2 and 4 euros per additional user and the measure will come into effect next year.

Latest Windows 10 update causes some computers to crash

If you have recently updated to Windows 10, you may have been in for the nasty surprise of seeing a blue screen of death on your computer. Indeed, the KB5021233 version of the operating system could have triggered an error on some computers. While we wait for Microsoft to distribute a definitive patch, feel free to check out our news to discover the workaround to prevent the crash.

The launch of the Galaxy S23 is scheduled for February 1, 2023

While some rumors suggest that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S23 by the end of 2022, the leaker Ice Universe doesn’t seem to agree. According to the whistleblower, whose rumors are generally very credible, Samsung may take advantage of its Unpacked event scheduled for February 1, 2023 to officially present its future premium smartphones.

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Future GeForce RTX 50XX graphics cards could break power records

While Nvidia has just marketed its RTX 40XX GPUs, the manufacturer’s next-gen graphics cards are already making headlines. Indeed, a new microarchitecture and new manufacturing processes should allow Nvidia to deliver GPUs with revolutionary performance. YouTube channel RedGamingTech specifically reveals that the GeForce RTX 50XX can be engraved at 3 nm.

Our test of the week

Lenovo Legion S7 (Intel – 2022): a powerful laptop for gamers

Are you a gamer and looking for a portable computer that is powerful, restrained and elegant at the same time? Lenovo S7 in 2022 release can seduce you. We like its 2k panel in 16:10 format that can display up to 500 nits and its 165 Hz refresh rate. There are plenty of ports available, but we regret the lack of an RJ45 adapter. Lenovo Legion S7 starting at 2179 Euros.

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