Waze wants to improve emergency response with its app

Waze, the free smartphone navigation app, has announced a partnership with EENA (European Association of Emergency Numbers) to improve emergency response in the event of a traffic accident.

Waze works on the community principle, meaning the app relies on traffic information transmitted by its users in real time. Waze, which surpasses even Google Maps in the most downloaded “navigation” category, uses the location systems and GPS of smartphones.

No subscription required and no special device required, Waze now takes on road safety Through a partnership with the European Association of Emergency Numbers (EENA) to provide anonymous data to facilitate the response of emergency services.

Waze’s life saving precision

Waze, which is said to be very sensitive, can show the nearest meter the presence of a speed camera, an accident or even a slowdown. In the context of a partnership, it is natural for the European association to approach such an actor to initiate a joint project to improve and streamline emergency responses.

This project, still working on the principle of collectivism, will allow users to report an accident so that emergency services will receive a notification and be able to quickly send a response team. The European agency has taken its part in providing data in real time and rebroadcasting the warning to other drivers to adjust their speed or avoid the area of ​​interest.

Needless to say this project worksusers must fill in the information correctly so that the response of the emergency services is as fast and precise as possible.

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Device designed by Waze and EENA will not be available immediately A European-wide call for tender was launched to validate this project, which is open to all applications from emergency service companies.

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