Waze lets you control all your GPS options by voice!

The very practical Waze app is one of the most popular GPS on the market. And it’s not the last update that will change this situation. Waze has overhauled its voice recognition options to offer a GPS that can do just about anything without having to touch your smartphone. Commands can be made audibly and the application fulfills its task. It’s a particularly practical feature while driving, especially since Waze is available in Android Auto.

Waze integrates better voice recognition

Being able to drive and steer by keeping your hands where they should be is an undeniable plus for a navigation application. Simply say “OK, Waze” to tell Waze you want to give voice commands. The app will then wait for your orders: choose a destination, report a traffic jam, request another route, etc.

But that’s not all this update brings us. Waze becomes one of the few GPS navigation apps it has. special mode for two-wheeled vehicles. Drivers can now be offered different routes that take into account the characteristics of their vehicle. Waze can enable them to enter roads that are too narrow for cars, for example. Over time, this option will improve thanks to feedback from its users. Because we must not forget that a great strength of the app relies on its community.

Now for the bad news: This feature is only deployed for English so far. Therefore, it will be necessary to wait before you see the French version of Waze take advantage of the same options. We are still pleased that the GPS navigation app continues to evolve and offer more possibilities than ever before. For example, since May 2017 you can be guided by your own voice.

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