Waze adds two new alerts that could save your car

of Waze

With successive updates, of Waze It improves its reporting system and enriches its arsenal with warnings based on accident history, strengthening its reference position in the sector. community powered navigation. These improvements make driving more interactive and safer, providing a comprehensive solution that goes well beyond the standard features offered by applications such as Google Maps.

Offering crash history alerts sets Waze apart preventive approachEmphasizing its determination to driver safety. This functionality, not available in Google Maps, reflects the app’s desire to use data in innovative ways. predict risks. This positioning, which focuses on attention and real-time information sharing, increases its appeal for users who want it. navigation that is both safe and collaborative.

Waze integrates warnings for dangerous turns and incompatible speed bumps

Definition New warnings from Waze It is part of a broader approach to raising awareness and prevention of road risks. By allowing users to: give a dangerous turn signal And non-compliant speed bumpsThe app reinforces its role as a collaborative platform where every driver contributes to collective safety. This feature addresses a growing concern. inadequate road infrastructure or unfortunately illegalmay cause accidents or damage vehicles. Thanks to this initiative, the app can save you a large amount of money on repairs and once again emphasize the importance of technology in preventing hazards on the road.

Its estimated existence is almost 450,000 illegal speed bumps in France highlights gaps between existing urban developments and official safety standards. By integrating alerts for these illegal obstacles, Waze plays a crucial role in informing drivers, helping them anticipate and find solutions. Respond adequately to these irregularities. So adding this functionality goes beyond simple journey facilitation; It highlights the vital need for compatible and well-designed road infrastructure. By allowing it to be reported non-compliant facilitiesThe application highlights the need to align urban developments with safety standards.

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