Waze 3.8: an update and many new features!

We no longer offer Waze, one of the best GPS and radar alert devices on Android. Today it benefits from an update 3.8 that brings its fair share of related new features. interactions between different users This is exactly the power of this application, which has become indispensable over time!

rather than new to Waze 3.8 in terms of sharing and localization. If you’re on the go and want to let your friends know how much time you have left before they arrive, you can do so now. You can send location to any person you want. A good way to let the person know where you are on the road. To do this, simply press the route you’re following or go to find one of your favorites or your history.

Same thing for your exact location which you can now send to any person by choosing from your friends list. You will now be able to complete this list using your phone’s address book or social networks. Besides some bug fixes receive calls without losing your location It’s also part of the new features, here’s the full list:

  • Find Waze friends by adding contacts
  • Send friend requests and manage your lists
  • New design for sending location
  • Sending locations between friends is saved for later
  • Keep Waze on screen while calling
  • bug fix

What good news with this update that further enhances a reference app! If Waze no longer shows radars more precisely, it remains an excellent navigation app! What makes it the perfect travel companion? Do you use Waze for your trips?

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