Virus Shield scam: Google refunds users and offers them gift cards

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It’s a good thing if an app has been talked about a lot during the month of April. Virus Shield. And with good reason, it’s a scam that sold for $3.99 and was downloaded by a few people. 10,000 Play Store users those who think they are protected from all possible malware and viruses targeting Android when they are simply scammed. In other words, almost $40,000 poured into the void for a while fake antivirus.

While Google could easily remove the app from the Play Store, the firm finally decided to make the following fixes: refund to all users Victims of the Virus Shield scam are given a small bonus, because in addition to being awarded a total of $3.99, each also receives a $5 gift card as evidenced by a bulk email from the firm.

despite knowing that Fraud like Virus Shield While it has managed to break through the protective barriers of the Play Store, it can create a certain sense of distrust among the platform’s users, nevertheless Google’s move is truly admirable. In addition, the following fact should be known: Virus Shield is not malware but it’s just a deceptive app, so detecting the scam remained difficult.

By the way, it should be noted that after the scandal triggered by the revelation of the fraud, Virus Shield developer He flatly denied that he wanted to defraud users and claimed that a non-virus version of the app was accidentally transferred to the Play Store and he removed it before the account was suspended. Of course it will be very hard to believe.

As we have told you several times before, due to its open source nature, Android is the target of 98% of malware. While few manage to break through the limits of the Play Store, this sometimes happens, and that’s exactly what happened in the app. Virus Shield, paid antivirus In less than a week, it managed to climb to number one among the top 10 paid new products and number 3 among the most purchased applications.

with done 10,000 downloads In less than a week and awarded a rating of 4.7/5 by users of the app, we had every reason to trust Virus Shield antivirus, the description of which promises effective protection for our smartphones and tablets, all with less energy consumption and no ads. ! How not to be seduced?

But a few days after it arrived in the Play Store, the antivirus Virus Shield was actually a nice hoax which would allow his editor to almost blackmail him. $40,000 for its users $3.99 unit cost and a good ten thousand downloads.

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And it was Android Police that brought this hoax to light again. after careful consideration application source codeMembers of the American site team were able to observe that the only “success” Virus Shield was able to do was limited to displaying two different images on your terminal’s screen; one of them was telling you that antivirus protection was enabled and the other was not.

Frankly, reading these lines, one wonders how the app managed to get through. Between the cracks of the Play Store ? Quite simply because it’s not a malware in any way, it’s an app whose content doesn’t fit the description. From, Virus Shield removed from the app store but all this does not tell us that users who are victims of fraud can get their money back and in advance, the answer is “no”!

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